Graduation Theme Party Ideas for Your Graduate

Graduation Party

Receiving a diploma is a coming-of-age ritual that deserves some attention and that is why a Graduation theme party is such a great idea. Whether your special someone has graduated from grade school, high school, or college, they have passed a milestone in life that should never go unnoticed. While hosting a graduation theme party for a younger child is not much different than throwing a birthday party or other random get-together, having a guest list of adults and young adults can be just a bit trickier to plan. For the high school or college graduate there tends to be a guest list that includes everyone from Grandma, Uncle Mo and his wife Jane, to half (or more!) of the graduating class. A wide variety of ages and interests to say the least. One way to handle such a diverse crowd of people is to make sure that your decorations and food are excellent. This provides a common thread for discussion regardless of who is trying to talk to who.

You can find a great selection of graduation theme party decorations at your favorite on-line party supplier. They will definitely have more options and better prices than your local discount stores and the quality, as always will be great. Then, plan a menu that will not only feed a small army without requiring you to sell the farm, but will please many different types of eaters. For example, how about a taco/nacho bar with different levels of heat available in salsa. The selections could include fish, ground beef, and chicken meat and then lots of other extras like beans, cheeses (different types please!), lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, jalapenos, sour cream, and guacamole. Nacho cheese melt can be kept warm and ready and a nice variety of tortilla chips will add to the fun of a build-your-own set-up.

For activities, play a nice variety of music or even better, consider having a karaoke player set up for any and all (young and old) who may want to give it a shot. One fun activity might be to have some pictures of the favorite and less favorite teachers of your graduate available for a whipped cream pie or water balloon throwing contest. Or, if the crowd is predominantly older, darts. All those years of pent-up frustration at busy work and silly homework assignments.

Be sure to put a power point presentation together with some appropriately embarrassing pictures of the guest of honor and the team of amigos that have always been around. This will ensure some good natured ribbing, and a lot of laughs as everyone sees how they have evolved from youngsters entering kindergarten to the big bad graduates they are today.